It’s very well known that we live in hallucinate world.we Stay, we visualize , we do , we love, we hate and this is all around happened but while happening this sometime we Depressed we gotta bit anxiety with moments.

WELL!! With this anxious life many more are trying to move from it , trying to pleased with their life. But still they cant do at all. have you ever observed those anxiety has eternity time like? Yes! Many times cause we have no idea how to deal with it??? Instead of coping or dealing with this we have unpleasant feeling ,worries ,frustration etc…. and anxiety can damage your inner peace ,gratitude ,inner knowledge, sense and many things, stress suppresses the immune system by raising contisol levels.


But we can develop our inner calm by channelising our energy into the right direction. The energy you spend in worrying and fear can be converted into gratitude, prayer, and many more…! By meditation . And Anxiety doesn’t really vanish forever it’s just like any other feeling you have.

Just Practise deep breathing, meditation it can help to lower stress level by shifting you from a state of “fight and flight “to a state of “rest and calm ” let this try and see the changes inside you after days .you can forget anxiety and can fight with troubles, distraction, stress, this practise will help you. and be calm this anxiety, stress are just illusion of our mind it will come and go with moments you just need to fight with it and yes!!you can do,we should stay stress free.



* I am safe. * I am healthy. * I am protected. * I am grateful. * I can move out from anxiety. * I can fight with my troubles. * My immunity is strong and capable of keeping me safe. Let this try and see the changes and try to cope with your stress !


always affirm the positive words to the subconsious mind .no amount of worry, stress will be happend.Indeed!and it will help you a lot here’s the billion’s people are living still many people’s have no idea how to cope with anxiety ,and they are stressed up trying move out from this but they cant, hope my words and tips will help you a lot, think positive stay healthy



WHY THIS?do you know we should avoid groups of conversation that talk about how grave the situation is ,and social anxiety disorder is common type of anxiety disoder and this type of person feels fear in certain or all social situations.such as when they meet with new people, answering a questions in class etc…


avoid this …alcohol changes the level of serotonin and other neurotransmitters in the brain.which can worsen anxiety. In fact ,you may feel more anxious after drinking alcohol.alcohol induced anxiety can last for several hours or even for an entire day after gotta this .so just avoid this while you anxious about .


we love the taste ,we love what the caffeine does for us ,it wakes us up in the morning and give us the boost of energy we need ,but we cant ignore the side effect of caffeine avoid caffeine which can aggravate anxiety and trigger panic attacks this dosnt affect much like alcohol ..!


●take a time out. ●eat well balanced meals. ●do exercise. ●take a long breathe. ● relax your body. ● do your best. ●affirm the positive words. ●stay positive and enjoy the good vibes

Hii people! Myself Sonal and am trying to explore my bit inner knowledge with words . Hope you all enjoy and will learn something from my words. Love to spreading the knowledge and lots of blessings for readers..!